“This fabulous debut novel is written in the style of Jodi Picoult.”
-Chicklit Club
Cheer is “a strong, well-written story with characters who deserve to be heard” and “a testament to the strength of the human condition.”
-Chick Lit Central
“I was absolutely totally hooked by this book by the end of the first chapter….I read it in one day unable to put it down.”
-A Novel Review (book blogger)
“I am so curious to know what the future holds for this family. You will have to read the book to know what I mean.”
-Misfortune of Knowing (book blogger)

What happens when a family suffers a tragedy and everyone blames themselves?

The Dahl family is reeling from an unspeakable loss. Jenny channels her grief – and secret guilt – into an obsession. Teenager Ella, a competitive high school cheerleader, seeks to atone by being the perfect adolescent for her parents, numbing her pain in secret. Ethan, a pilot, is on a singular mission to preserve what’s left of his family – to little success.

Everything changes, though, when Ella makes a shocking decision.

An unforgettable story of redemption and hope, set in idyllic and quirky Marin County, California, Cheer is a rich exploration of a family’s resilience in the wake of betrayal and tragedy. Told from three perspectives, this story is for anyone who has been a mother or a daughter. Perfect for book clubs, the novel concludes with questions for discussion.

This emotionally riveting debut established longtime journalist Erin Gordon as a novelist to follow.